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Our Staff

True Heart prides itself on their staff. The people that work at True Heart are committed to providing their clients with the opportunity to make a positive lifestyle through a non-judgmental and goal directed process.


Our staff includes:

  • Psychotherapist Ph.D.

  • Psychopathologist Ph.D

  • Behavioral Specialist - Ph.D.

  • NCCFC - National Clinical Certified Forensic Counselor

  • NCC- National Certified Counselor

  • LPAC - Licensed Professional Addiction Counselor

  • CDVCIII - National Certified Domestic Violence Counselor

  • MAC - National Certified Master Addiction Counselor 

  • LPC- Licensed Professional Counselor 

  • LPES - Licensed Psycho-Educational Specialist

  • GCDFI - Global Career Development Facilitator Instructor 

  • CRC- Certified Rehabilitation Counselor 

  • CCBT - National Certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapist - Ph.D

  • CCSP - Certified Career Specialist Provider

  • CSTP - National Certified Sex Offender Treatment Specialist - Ph.D

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